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Transparent performance settlement

Hardly any company can afford to enter the cost of the IT operation in a centralized way. In most cases, the cost is passed on to the causing party. Apart from the purchasing cost for the individually used hardware and software, also the network operation cost, the server usage as well as services have to be assigned to cost centers. Spider Asset is therefore your solution.

The IT Asset Management System Spicer Asset is used to manage all workstations and servers of a company: Technical and commercial data are centrally available. The automatic update of the data is carried out by agents which load the necessary data from the accounting department.

You can store the purchase price and purchase date for each hardware component. Also the usage period of a workstation can be determined precisely. This enables you to determine anytime the amortization (AfA) as well as the current value. Often, hardware is posted with a monthly lump sum: Instead of considering the actual value, the IT department enters a default value for each hardware category. So it harmonizes the cost calculation in case of complex mixed data from purchase, rental and leasing contracts.

Since Spider Asset saves the using cost center for workstation and for each hardware component and, in addition, manages commercial attachments, you can individually post the usages of hardware and software existing on a given day in one monthly posting operation. Alternatively, you can create an accounting file from Spider Asset. It transfers the current cost directly to a commercial system.

Service is expensive

Also the complex services, either via User Help Desk or external service providers, have to be assigned. Often, the solution is a ticket tool which provides data about rendered services related to the workstation on a regular basis. These efforts can be determined as a lump sum for the different ticket types (e.g. telephone support software, hardware repair, change) and posted when the ticket is completed. These data are assigned directly to the workstation and thus the correct cost center.

If services are provided by complex server systems, the settlement must take into account the actual usage time. Some systems provide a standard value (volume per user, usage frequency, provided bandwidth), which are recalculated to cost allocations by using an appropriate key.

Automatic transparency

Spider Asset evaluates the collected data by individually designable reports and provides, if required, the correct data for the settlement system. In combination with the Microsoft Reporting Services, an automatic sending of the cost center allocations may initiated to each responsible. Already after a few months, the collected data can be used for an effective analysis. How did the cost types develop, are saving measures effective, have obsolete services been paid?