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All inclusive

Spider Contract bietet bereits im Lieferumfang eine reiche Funktionalität, die individuell erweitert werden kann.


Early warning system

Spider Contract regularly checks selected contract types for dates, invoiced volumes and capacity. Where preset limit values are reached, the system triggers an alarm: The person responsible receives an informational email that facilitates his/her immediate response by means of the data included.


Every user defines automatic resubmissions for contracts as required. He/she receives an automatically generated email at a preset point in time, ensuring that deadlines are not missed.


Almost any type of contract can be defined using Spider Contract, in collaboration with advisors certified by us. Spider Contract always records central information, supplemented by contract-typical additional data. The solid structuring makes automatic evaluation easy.


The integrated user administration ensures that every member of staff sees and processes only information that is relevant to him/her, via the user role. Even the manner in which the detailed data is represented can be tailored for each user group: If the screen structure follows the user's habits, workflows are optimized and data is visible at a single glance.


On request, scanned documents can be attached to a contract. This allows the original to be available, without having to unnecessarily inflate the data repository with all the details. A previously implemented document management system can be integrated.


Recorded data is available for various evaluations. This includes

  • invoiced volumes per supplier and period of time
  • expected cash flow per period of time and contract type
  • contracts with remaining validity under 3 months, per contract type