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Thursday 19. April 2012

Spider OperationsManager 4.1 and Spider Incident 4.0.200 released

Spider OperationsManager integrates world class search engine Apache Lucene for the OM product family


Spider OperationsManager 4.1 and Spider Incident 4.0.200 are feature releases with new functions. They introduce new world class search capabilities, based on the Lucene indexing engine for full blown text analysis and indexing capabilities. It allows indexing of almost all workflow and application data for very quick access and advanced retrieval features.

Apache Lucene has thousands of installations, including production applications at AOL, Apple, CNET, IBM, LinkedIn, Monster, MySpace, Netflix, Technorati and Wikipedia.


New in OperationsManager 4.1:

  • Indexing engine integration for full text analysis and querying capabilities. Provides full attachment and archive support (doc, pdf, xls, txt, zip, etc.) incl. black/white listing
  • OneSearch - global search field with support for autocomplete and term highlighting
  • Scoring, sorting and grouping of index search results
  • Improved platform patching mechanism. Now includes patching of work-flow packages

New in Spider Incident 4.0.200:

  • Indexing/OneSearch Feature (see above)
  • Automatic field mappings
  • Automatic notification on Ticket change
  • Contact Improvements: Enhanced Extended Attribute support and enhanced Contact import
  • Moving Tickets from one workflow model to another


Links and further information

Release-Notes about Spider OperationsManager 4.1
New and Noteworthy about Spider OperationsManager 4.1 (zip)
New and Noteworthy about Spider Incident 4.0.200 (zip)


Please unzip the appropriate zip file in the folder of your choice and open the 'new-noteworthy. html' in a browser. 


To the download page


Demo system for OperationsManager 4.1


The demo system includes the modules "Incident", "Change" and "Release". Here you find the access data for the "Administrator" and "User" (please leave the password field blank):

  • Spider Incident, Account: imuser1, imadmin
  • Spider Change, Account: cmuser1, cmadmin
  • Spider Release, Account: rmuser1, rmadmin