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Deploying Windows 10

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The smart way to provision MUI operating systems

With older Columbus versions it was always an effort to provision MUI operating systems. One had to download the MUI packages from Microsoft and integrate them into the Install.wim on the command line with additional programs such as WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit).

With SmartCapture and Windows 10, there is no effort at all. With SmartCapture and Windows 10, there is no effort at all. For example, to provide Windows 10 with German, French, and Dutch, it is enough to:

  1. use Columbus SmartDeploy with a localized Windows 10 (e.g. German)
  2. in the installed Windows system, use the region and language (CTRL + I > Region and Language) to add the appropriate languages
  3. and then use SmartCapture with Columbus

After the SmartCapture process is done and the OS is re-imported (Infrastructure > OS Deployment Agent > Schedule [Refresh OS DepotIndexList]), the corresponding source (source name) can be selected and the country settings can be made


To make it easier to assign a localized image, make an OS template for each language in which you customize keyboard, country settings, and so on, and then assign as needed.


Columbus 7.4 or higher