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Pursue a conscious approach to business with contract management

Contracts are the foundation of business activities. They have a decisive influence on profitability. Yet contracts that have been concluded are often neglected, or distributed within a business in a way that makes them difficult to access.

As a consequence, termination or revision deadlines are missed and risks are ignored. Not only that, but services and savings opportunities lapse.

Our solution is a contract management system which gives you an effortless overview of your entire contract landscape, makes your project management efforts more effective, speeds up procedures and taps into previously unused potential.

We offer a contract management platform which enables you to identify and avert risks in good time – a solution that allows you to pursue a conscious approach to business.


Instead of painstakingly rifling through files of papers, navigate intuitively through contracts and find the relevant information with the search function. Thanks to its user-friendly operation it requires virtually no training. The convenient web interface provides unrivalled transparency over your contracts.


The ability to link contract objects and associated documents makes work processes significantly easier. You can see which contracts are associated with a device or who is responsible for a contract. Thanks to its customised analysis and reporting capabilities, available at the push of a button, decisions can be made on a more solid foundation.


Equipped with an overview of ongoing contracts and the knowledge of old contracts, you can compare conditions quickly, fine-tune contracts for renewal, and terminate obsolete contracts in good time. The interaction of contracts with projects, assets, processes, suppliers and customers is transparent. It also allows you to actively track workloads. This additional knowledge results in more advantageous negotiation of new contracts.


A variety of documents, including letters, agreements or contracts, can be created using Word templates. This avoids the error tendencies associated with manual document creation and minimises the need for legal examination. You can also create completely new contract types, link them with templates and customise them to your specific business practice.


Authorised staff can gain access to the system even from abroad using a device of their choice. Coordination between departments is enhanced using an identical working status. A clear delineation of responsibilities, thanks to the allocation of contracts and workflows defined in the system, make approval procedures significantly faster. Functions such as deadline monitoring, the alarm system or resubmission indicate the need for action in good time.


Because contract infringements can have serious legal consequences, proactive risk management is essential. Our solution automatically alerts you when deadlines expire or if regulations are not being observed. The creation of new contracts based on key specifications minimises legal risk and liability exposure. Precisely mapping out complex authorisation systems affords protection for sensitive contracts.


Just having better knowledge of your contracts results in considerable savings. The numerous benefits in terms of workflows, leveraging of contract services, improved negotiation capabilities and the avoidance of contract penalties lead to wide-scale cost consolidation throughout your business.

New Case Study

Contract Management at KEDPLASMA GmbH

An investment offering immediate benefits

From years of experience with projects, we know what a sustainable contract management solution has to be capable of. For example, it must be possible to create standard contracts quickly and map out highly specific individual cases easily.

We have therefore decided to offer an intelligent configuration model, optimally combining both standardisation and individualisation. The result is a solution for businesses of all industries and sizes, which is easy to integrate and can be adjusted on a flexible basis.

It's an investment offering immediate benefits: you will instantly gain a more in-depth understanding of the relevant contracts. All members of staff working with a contract always have direct access to the same information.

Easy setup and customised system integration

Integrating our solution into your system landscape is quick and easy. Third-party systems such as CRM or ERP are integrated using standardised interfaces.

Our consultants can give you support in evaluating your contract landscape and provide assistance in setting up and adjusting the system to your IT organisation.

Intelligent configuration model with standard templates

The secret to success is standardisation without becoming too inflexible. All the figures and data of a contract can be mapped out, whereby different contract types also require different data structures.

Pre-configured forms are available to collect data for common standard contracts. These can be customised to suit your specific needs. Moreover, you are also able to create entirely new contract types.

Users can also link related objects, documents and members of staff, and attach the digitalised original document.

Insightful reporting

Our solution allows you to compile individual reports. This is useful given that management, purchasing, controlling, IT organisation, legal and technical departments all require insightful reports which provide answers to their specific questions.

For example: what maintenance obligations does the company foresee over the next financial year? Which contracts can be terminated on short notice? How much revenue will be generated with the top-10 suppliers, or which contracts contain a clause concerning minimum wage law?

Alarm function, resubmission and compliance

To ensure that termination notice periods, agreed services, payments and compliance with regulations can be adhered to, they can be automatically monitored by an integrated resubmission and alarm system. In the event of an alarm or due date of a resubmission, the personnel responsible will be prompted to take action via e-mail. It also allows you to find out which members of staff have failed to set up an alarm.

In addition, transparency makes it easier to comply with statutory regulations. Improved compliance can be achieved, for example, with the German Control and Transparency in Business Act (KonTraG), the German Commercial Code (HGB), the German Limited Liability Companies Act (GmbHG), Basel II, SOX/SOA or the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG).

Other benefits

Larger companies and corporations also benefit from the multi-client capabilities of our solution.

Our modern contract management solution is available in multiple languages as standard, and allows you to enter amounts in all currencies – which can also be aligned with the ERP system.

It can also be combined with our solutions for software and security management, software asset management and service desk for additional benefits.

Manage contracts professionally and report on existing dependencies in a transparent and comprehensible manner. Identify renewal timeframes, changes, notice periods early on and gain advantage of existing potential synergies.


Satisfied customers who use our IT management solutions include the below. If you want to learn more, please contact our Sales team.


Spider Contract Suite Professional, configurable contract management for individual clients

  • Predefined standard configuration
  • Can be extended to any type of contract
  • Document Management
  • Contract Generator
  • Configurable filters and reports
  • Granular and configurable access control
  • Individual client
  • Highly Scalable

Available license models are standalone purchase and SaaS (PPL, OSL, HSL).

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