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Fully integrated security solution for your company

Whether concepts, price calculations or design documents, such data is at the core and is the intellectual capital of every organization. The loss of valuable data entails legal risks, weakens market position and revenues, or even puts people and communities at risk as many examples of recent months have shown in the press.

While viruses and trojans are a common threat in inadequately secured infrastructure, one must not ignore simple theft of laptops, negligent handling of data carriers and unsecured data transmission or criminally motivated transmission.

All these data losses have one thing in common: the company often does not know with certainty which data is affected and whether third parties can do something with it. In order to limit loss, the most complex methods and strategies are undertaken without really knowing whether these approaches are even necessary.

Data security and compliance

Whether concepts, price calculations or design documents, such data is at the core and the intellectual capital of each organization. The loss of valuable data entails legal risks, weakens market position and sales.

Made in Germany - Security without backdoor

As a member of the TeleTrusT association, our solution provides guaranteed security without access by third parties, even non-governmental agencies of any kind. The development of all security-relevant functions takes place exclusively in Germany.

Evaluation compliant with the law

Columbus records data usage, redirects anonymously according to European data protection laws and prevents access to selected access types based on policies. In the case of suspected misuse, these records can be evaluated and, with appropriate proof, combined with qualified personal data.

Knowledge in detail

Access to data as well as forwarding data to third parties or the accidental loss carries significant risk. Because of the detailed records in Columbus, you know not only the data that has been lost, but can accurately track what data is affected.

Secured data carriers and electronic exchanges

Set guidelines can regulate exchange of data via system interfaces to devices and also external data exchange with Dropbox and other services. The recording on all media can thus be suppressed or can also be guarded via forced encryption. It is also possible to manage which devices external data carriers are authorized for use (e.g. USB memory sticks)

Black and Whitelist

Classic access rights are only able to manage known applications and thus do not adequately handle malware and unauthorized applications. With Application Black & Whitelisting you define in detail which programs can be used on which computer.

Software distribution over global CDN

In this exciting Columbus article, we discuss how the block-based transfer feature it uses helps not only to reduce the disk space needed but also conserve bandwidth.

Read the 3-step guide in our tech blog

Security - Internal and external

With Columbus Security Suite, you can back up your data both internally and externally. Encryption ensures that only authorized persons can open certain contents whether within the company, during the data transfer or on a USB stick at home. The use of data interfaces and storage media is regulated by means of guidelines, from freely usable to blocked, setting appropriate guideline policy is possible. Virus scanning and Websecurity protect against viruses and Trojans, while Patch Deployment includes fixes for known security gaps in the operating system and applications. Finally, the use of unwanted programs can be prevented via black or whitelisting.

All restrictions and releases are centrally controlled by means of policies, and actions of a user can be recorded in an audit database, which means that violations can be proven if necessary. It is also possible to define whether data that is copied or sent, including content, can be recorded and thus traced data losses and violations can be linked right down to the affected content. All records will are made according to European data protection guidelines.

Thanks to intuitive handling, high flexibility and the possibility to test new policies in simulation mode, the system masters a wide range of requirements from small to large enterprises. Our consultants are at your side in all phases from the evaluation of your IT landscape to the implementation of the solution to continuous support.

Patch management

Every week new security gaps in operating systems and applications are discovered. Continuous patch management updates for Microsoft and third-party applications provide basic security against viruses and trojans.

Virus protection

Viruses and Trojans are not only a problem in the office, but also threaten data carriers that are taken home by employees. Our virus protection for portable media or entire devices is used worldwide by well-known companies like Microsoft and Google.

Data encryption

Encryption of data, directories, or entire volumes prevents any third-party access to data loss or theft.

Interface control

External media such as DVDs, hard drives, USB sticks offer huge storage capacities. In addition to encryption an important safety mechanism allows rules to be set whether users can use such devices or which devices are available.

Application control

Only applications that are executable can actively damage a computer. Applications Black & Whitelisting allows explicit control over the code allowed to run on a device.


If there is any data misuse or loss, records of our audit database help to analyze which data content is affected and identify if a criminal situation exists.

Columbus Endpoint Security

Ensures security guidelines are in place when using interfaces, external storage media, Dropbox and more. In addition to blocking such usage, forced encryption or recording of data traffic is also possible.

PDF Columbus EndpointSecurity
(Only in German available)

Patch Management including third party

The automated distribution of patches for Microsoft products and a variety of third-party vendors eliminates security risks immediately after manufacturer publishes remedies, and can be applied without exception.

Prohibit or Monitor

In addition to total control of permissible data flow, policies can also be used purely for monitoring and recording data access in order to evaluate and identify responsible parties in case problems arise in which damages occur.

Mobile storage media

Encrypted storage media can be used on third-party programs, based on set predefined guidelines and knowledge of the necessary access code with a standalone program. This method can also be used to secure data transmission via mail and/or data services such as Dropbox.


Columbus Premium Security Suite Premium Security Suite with a comprehensive package of security features in a cost-effective package:

  • Patch management for Windows and third-party applications
  • Encryption-2-go
  • Antivirus OnAccess protection
  • Security Awareness campaigns
  • Device and interface control
  • File filter and data flow control
  • Central console
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Application control
  • Inventory

Columbus Executive Security Suite The Executive Security Suite provides the highest level of security for endpoint management in one package.

  • Patch management for Windows and third-party applications
  • Encryption-2-go
  • Antivirus OnAccess Protection
  • Security Awareness Campaigns
  • Device and interface control
  • File filter and data flow control
  • Central console
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Application control inventory
  • Disk Encryption

Columbus Enterprise Suite
Client Management Suite with strong automation functionality, security and support for SMEs and enterprise applications.

  • OS & Software Deployment
  • Hardware and software inventory including software metering
  • Packing tools
  • Remote Control & Support
  • Data Backup
  • Disk Imaging
  • Includes the "Columbus Premium Security Suite"

Columbus Antivirus & Websecurity

All offers can be combined with Columbus Antivirus and Websecurity (powered by CYREN) for real-time virus protection. 

All products can be purchased as licensed versions or as OnPremise SaaS with applicable monthly usage fees.

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