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Identify your licensing risk – optimise your infrastructure – reduce your costs

Are you operating an Oracle Database environment? If so, you will already be aware of the complexities and potential risk associated to the use and activation of Oracle licensed technology. As much as your organization governs purchasing processes, even the smallest configuration changes or adjustments can go unnoticed for years and yet have staggering financial repercussions.

Where under-licensed risk has not been considered or anticipated, considerable penalty payments are levied in the wake of a manufacturer audit. A single, inadvertently activated license could literally be worth millions per year.

Critical Intelligence delivered

Using exclusive Oracle-verified tools, brainwaregroup’s Oracle Risk Assessment Service provides a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s Oracle utilization. Factoring in your infrastructure, virtualization and configurations, you can rapidly obtain the foundation for any downstream optimization or pre-emptive audit preparation.

Official Oracle-verification ensures that you can make critical decisions about your Oracle environment with confidence and the advanced reporting enables you to make those decisions quickly.

Our service benefits customers of all sizes

The sheer volume of Oracle’s product configuration options carry’s the increased potential of error in determining and maintaining a position of license compliance. Even the smallest environments are prone to the same licensing cost exposure due to complexity of Oracle’s licensing configurations.

My environment is too small

Surprisingly, customers with just a handful of Oracle databases can share similar levels of license shortfall exposure to even the most expansive environments. Comparatively small Oracle environments typically support mission-critical services, thereby expanding the risks the risks that go beyond simple direct licensing costs. Meticulous and proactive optimization of even a modest Oracle environment guarantees both risk reduction and overall cost savings. 

Oracle audit preparation

When Oracle gathers the required data from a customer’s environment with their own scripts, customers have no way to independently verify those results prior to Oracle performing the evaluation. Our Oracle Risk Assessment service provides all of the technical data required by Oracle, including the Oracle Server Worksheet. This allows customers to perform a complete data inspection before delivery and whilst savings considerable amounts of money on internal resourcing.


Within the framework of an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA), customers have historically had the freedom to use Oracle for several years without fear of getting audited. However, the introduction and expansion of new Cloud-based operating services can potentially operate outside of the ULA. It’s also important to remember that "unlimited" does not mean the project is “free of charge" as services and operating charges are often significant additions to total cost of ownership of an Oracle environment.

Furthermore, departure from Oracle’s ULA in the future will still require the customer to settle out any usage and licensing requirements. The Oracle Audit Defence service can prove indispensable in avoiding significant and unexpected expenses.

Optimization and restructuring

Oracle database administrators often have no way of effectively evaluating the license position of their environment and this primarily because the tools provided directly by Oracle do not actually allow a detailed view of license-relevant information.

brainwaregroups’s Oracle Audit Defence service utilizes world leading tools to not only collect the necessary data in the exact same way that Oracle themselves do in the context of an audit, but also automate the evaluation of the underlying infrastructure. Simply put, the foundational analysis of this service enables the Oracle administrator to produce a clear path to operating and optimizing both the technical and financial components of their environment.

We use «Named UserPlus»

Whilst the Named User Plus (NUP) model has traditionally been regarded as the ideal "user-based" licensing model, it also has a minimum licensing “by processor” metric. Any changes to the Oracle infrastructure will therefore have a direct impact on licensing requirements. Within the scope of Oracle Audit Defence, we show both the values for processor-oriented licensing as well as the corresponding minimum values for Named User Plus.

Strengthen your negotiating position

What can a customer do if Oracle does not agree with their view of the underlying license position?

Within the scope of the analysis, our Oracle Audit Defence service collects detailed information including but not limited to installation, activation and usage for each installation or assertion made. These details can be actively added even during an audit or a price negotiation. The Oracle Audit Defence service enables customers to gain a complete representation of data procurement, from license maintenance to delivery of Oracle, thereby strengthening their negotiating position with Oracle considerably.

Optimization of costs and benefits

Oracle Risk Assessment Service utilizes brainware’s Oracle-verified Nova Ratio toolset and Spider Software Asset Management platform, enabling automated data collection, processing, and presentation. Customers are not required to install any software and need only to execute the supplied one-time scripts to collect all of the raw data.

The consequent analysis of this data allows brainware specialists to produce detailed reports on technical license usage and specific recommendations for action and optimization. Independently or with the guidance of an Oracle specialist, the customer is consequently capable of reconciling discovered software against acquired license rights to identify and proceed with further optimizations, often within a matter of days.

Furthermore, Oracle Risk Assessment Service utilizes additional evaluation logic to aid the identification of changes which may impact effectiveness or performance as a result of product launches. These results are verified and published onto an Oracle Server Worksheet, as is required for an Oracle audit.


Ready for immediate use - no product deployment

Oracle Risk Assessment is based on a service model. Your personnel are provided with a set of transparent scripts, which will allow them to collect the relevant data for your Oracle environment. The first initial analysis of that data will typically take place within a few days without interruptions, changes or software installations of any kind in your data centers.

Oracle verified

The tools used are officially verified by Oracle License Management Services - a formal seal of quality granted exclusively to only 6 vendors worldwide and which also requires annual verification. As a customer, you can benefit from the accuracy of the results, which provide a solid basis for your next decision.

Perfect basis for SAM consulting

The Oracle Risk Assessment raises authentic technical data to enable harmony and compliance with any technical examination by Oracle themselves. The combination of both evaluation and recommendation data produced by the Oracle Risk Assessment Service as well as the capability of the underlying tools are an essential compliment to any engagement with Oracle SAM consultants.


The technical license analysis of the ORACLE database environment runs over two phases, distributed over a period of 6 months in accordance with the customer's unique requirements. As a result, the customer will receive comprehensive reports containing detailed information, recommendations for action and the ORACLE Server Worksheets, which can be offered to ORACLE themselves in case of an audit.

  • Service time 6 month - 2 x runs (Phases)
  • Pure service model - no software purchases or installations necessary
  • Remote support of the data center staff during the script application
  • All raw data is accessible by the customer
  • ORACLE data analysis offered in the eOracle-environment of brainwaregroup
  • Structured and detailed reports and lists
  • Generation of the mandatory ORACLE Server Worksheets (according to official "ORACLE verified" specifications)
  • Fixed price offering which scalability by time and quantity for customers with hundreds of Oracle databases.
  • Continuous service model options available to all customers.

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