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brainware. simply smart. your solution.

Technology, processes and people – hand in hand

Solutions happen when people, tools and processes come together in a way that allows tasks to be performed more easily, more quickly and more effectively – not just internally, but between companies too.

The often-used ITIL Foundation level provides recommendations on how to manage this interaction. But unfortunately it only gives recommendations – it does not offer functional definitions or concrete interface formats, and there is no certification for manufacturers or products.

To minimise the resulting complexity and risks, for over 25 years brainwaregroup has been dedicated to the development of highly flexible tools for the management and operation of computers, software and contracts. The application of ITIL principles combined with clearly defined interfaces enables highly integrated and efficient IT lifecycles.

Information as the basis

You can only manage and evaluate something if you are aware of it. The detailed capture of hardware and software data combined with enhanced information about individuals, procurement data and financial data forms the basis of all our tools. Interrelationships become transparent – decisions can be made quickly and with confidence.

Solutions with real benefits

The data basis of technical and operational information gives technical and support teams and managers the evaluations they need to make rapid, informed decisions. Automatic functions in software distribution and security combined with an expert support team deliver the highest possible service level and operational security.

Compliance and Security

Users want access to all functions at all times, no matter where they are. But what kind of availability is appropriate in operational and legal terms? Our tools monitor and protect the use of software and data in line with your operational guidelines. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, they enable you to transparently evaluate compliance and supply evidence if required. Contracts, software licences or data flow: knowledge is power and monitoring is a must.

Competence is in the details

Competence is the result of the combination of specialist knowledge and suitable tools and processes. Our highly trained team understand our customers' operational requirements and implement them in development and projects. In this way our knowledge becomes part of your service portfolio.

Optimised service level

The central collection of data from technology, procurement and contract management allows operations team members and management to meet a wide array of requirements using the same data, thereby shortening solution times. Actions, communication and time taken are all recorded and can be evaluated at any time to measure the degree of fulfilment and evaluate the service level.

Standardised yet unique

The usefulness of a tool is determined by its range of functions. For maximum flexibility, brainwaregroup tools are designed as modules and then combined in topic-based suites. This means our customers can choose the components they need.

The tools are embedded in existing IT landscapes using flexible interfaces and processes. In this way we achieve maximum utility throughout the complete lifecycle, from procurement and start-up through deployment, maintenance and servicing to final disposal.

Technical automation, operational evaluation or support – all work processes are covered by the resultant solutions. To assess performance against defined service levels, a history of key data is kept. In keeping with our motto: "Brainware. simply smart. your solution."

Innovative ongoing development

On the market for over 25 years, our products and services are continually adapted to changing technological and economic requirements in order to be ready for every need. To understand customer needs both functionally and in terms of impacts, our developers, managers and customers meet on a regular basis. The result is a solution that not only performs a function but meets business requirements.

Solution-focused consulting

Brainwaregroup consultants have in-depth experience acquired from the implementation of projects with a wide range of requirements. This experience enables them to make fast, informed decisions based on ITIL recommendations and tried-and-tested formulas in which the software is tailored to your actual needs: from midsized companies with a local base to large multinationals.

Expert support – from evaluation to operation

We support you all the way, from evaluation to implementation and operation. Our knowledge of IT and software asset management allows us to evaluate a wide range of different needs and actively suggest improvements. Working in close partnership with your project team, our dedicated consultants rise to any challenge.

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