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Automated governance is key to IT efficiency

User requirements, software updates and security risks evolve more quickly than the underlying computers, mobile devices and servers that are used. Manually installing, configuring and updating systems requires a lot of time and expertise – just one manual installation of a notebook requires around six hours. If over 100 software products and drivers are to be configured in line with company requirements, likely this effort overwhelms the resources of many technical teams, or additional staff members are needed to bring the task to successful completion on time.

IT administrators often make do with disk images and scripting in such cases, but these methods only go so far to provide the real at-scale solution. Additionally, such images and scripts require a great deal of care, maintenance, and present considerable licensing risks. If problems arise or new requirements are placed on systems, the amount of resources that need to be spent on these is elevated, often resulting in periods where users have to wait for resolutions. As a result, satisfaction and productivity drop, while support costs and the risk of losing data rise.

Decide, install, use – right on time

Installation and user training are carried out on the very first day, and while that is happening and even before such onboarding is done, why not successfully distributed operating systems and software using automated processes and patched security vulnerabilities? It does not get better or quicker than that. It is exactly this approach and efficiency that helps the solution gain acceptance within the business, and if people have had a positive experience, they will depend on it and also help to promote it internally.

Information and transparency – secured roles

Whether it is via the dashboard, detailed views or reports, administrators and internal clients are afforded access to overviews and details of the IT organisation at any time – as long as these viewers are authorised to do so. Detailed authorisation and roles ensure that each person only has access to the information that they are actually entitled to.

Data transmission and security

Data is a major asset of every company. Losing data can entail more than just financial costs – there can also be enormous legal consequences. As well as back-up and recovery functions, Columbus also provides interface and data flow monitoring. As a result, it is only possible to transfer data to external data carriers, Dropbox and other media in line with the applicable guidelines.

Patch security vulnerabilities

It has not been possible to find a manual solution for identifying existing security vulnerabilities for some time now. Not only does Columbus perform ongoing checks for any known security vulnerabilities, it also rectifies them immediately if requested to do so. It represents the quickest way of responding to problems to close gaps before these are exploited.

Automation increases satisfaction and saves costs

Employees need their working environment to function smoothly so that they can be productive and motivated. Unresolved support cases, missing functionality or lack of performance all affect the extent to which employees are able to deliver, and how satisfied they are at work. Automated installation and configuration, as well as extensive access to information about underlying devices, form the basis of a modern, expert-level IT service – something users will appreciate.

Software distribution over global CDN

In this exciting Columbus article, we discuss how the block-based transfer feature it uses helps not only to reduce the disk space needed but also conserve bandwidth.

Read the 3-step guide in our tech blog

Automated IT life cycle management

Through Columbus, we provide a modular system that adjusts flexibly to the IT landscape and ensures repeatable, reliable automation of all tasks that can be performed manually. As such, Columbus contains all the tools needed for any foreseeable IT task in the lifecycle.

With Columbus, the installation and configuration processes associated with operating systems, software and patches are automated and can be performed easily without specialist expertise. Whether the need is to configure security settings, monitor documents or create an inventory for central licence management, Columbus provides a reliable way of ensuring IT compliance, reduce risks and notify the service desk about current system status so that problems can be solved immediately.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, high degree of flexibility and free scalability, the system is able to handle all kinds of requirements, spanning operations at-scale in everything from small businesses to large enterprises.

Our consultants are there alongside during every phase from evaluating the IT environment, to implementing the solution, and all the way through to providing continuous support.

Structures and mass operations

View and display domains, work stations or organisational structures in any way required, and define actions and distributions on a site-specific basis.

Install operating systems

With Columbus, it is possible to install operating systems together with their associated drivers and security settings without any need for manual input. New Windows and Linux versions and architectures are integrated in a matter of minutes. Existing images, settings and configurations can in most cases be slipstreamed into the deployment process.

Distribute applications and configurations

Columbus distributes applications and configuration settings automatically. It does not matter what kind of technology is being used: whether it involves Microsoft MSI, snapshots or scripting, choose the solution that best fits the situation. If there is need to make changes, distribute these changes automatically in the correct version sequence without the need to redo or change the original packages.

Patch security vulnerabilities

Security updates for Microsoft and a wide range of third-party products are detected automatically and can be installed automatically if needed.

Inventory and budgeting

One can only manage what one has if they know what they have to begin with. The Columbus network scanner finds all IP end devices and puts these into an inventory in no time at all. Software and hardware are recorded in detail and can be used for support, budgeting and licence management.

Secure remote access

An IT support team is able to manage Windows systems in real time from anywhere in the world if necessary. Thanks to the remote desktop feature, it is possible to perform any local task remotely, preventing costs from building up and getting clients back to being productive as soon as possible. The remote desktop feature has a wide range of uses, covering everything from training, error analysis and support, right through to installation.

Data protection and endpoint security

Columbus provides protection wherever it is needed, whether it relates to encrypting hard disks and mobile devices, checking applications using blacklisting and whitelisting, or even supporting container technology and thin clients.

Columbus OS Deployment

Central management and distribution of operating systems and configurations for automated installation of Windows and Linux for servers, notebooks and desktops.

PDF Columbus OSDeploy

Columbus Software Deployment

Automated installation, update and removal of any software packages, drivers and configuration settings. Support for all current package formats, scripting and snapshots.

PDF Columbus SWDeploy

Columbus UpdateManagement

Detects missing updates of installed software products and updates these transparently and reliably.

PDF Columbus UpdateManagement

Columbus Inventory

Identification of devices in the IP network and collection of all relevant information from the hardware right through to the software. This provides the basis for budgeting, support, asset management and licence management – in a simple, comprehensive and efficient way.

PDF Columbus Inventory

Columbus RemotelyAnywhere

An essential tool for your help/service desk. Remote control and diagnostics from any location. Flexible, quick and powerful with countless functions.

PDF Columbus RemotelyAnywhere

Columbus Imaging & Data Backup

Recording of hard disk images to accelerate distribution processes. Back-up/restoration of data and directories on mobile devices.

PDF Columbus Imaging



Ready-to-use software packages can be distributed automatically at the push of a button.


Satisfied customers who use our IT management solutions include the below. If you want to learn more, please contact our Sales team.

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Columbus Deploy Suite Client Management Suite for basic automation needs

  • Software Deployment
  • Packaging tools
  • Powershell support
  • OS Deployment

Available licensing models are for-purchase (PPL, OSL, 1UL)

Columbus ITM Suite Client Management Suite with powerful automation and support capabilities for mid-sized businesses

  • Automated installation of Windows and Linux OS (client and server)
  • Distribution of software packages
  • Creation of software packages
  • Comprehensive inventory
  • Remote support function
  • Console and infrastructure
  • Customizable reports
  • Granular adjustable access controls
  • Multi-client capable

Available licensing models are for-purchase and also SaaS. (PPL, OSL)

Columbus Enterprise Suite
Client Management Suite with strong automation functionality, security and support for SMEs and enterprise applications.

  • OS & Software Deployment
  • Hardware and software inventory including software metering
  • Packing tools
  • Remote Control & Support
  • Data Backup
  • Disk Imaging
  • Includes the "Columbus Premium Security Suite"

Columbus Premium Security Suite Premium Security Suite with a comprehensive package of security features in a cost-effective package:

  • Patch management for Windows and third-party applications
  • Encryption-2-go
  • Antivirus OnAccess protection
  • Security Awareness campaigns
  • Device and interface control
  • File filter and data flow control
  • Central console
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Application control
  • Inventory

Columbus Inventory Suite Inventory discovery solution for hardware and software in Windows environments

  • Optional use of agentless or instrumented (fat) client
  • Network scanner for recording of any network devices
  • Hardware & software detection including complex detection
  • Temporary software usage metering
  • Minimal resources and network usage
  • Multi-organizational use supported
  • Time controlled
  • Central distribution console
  • Granular adjustable access controls
  • Highly scalable

Available licensing models are for-purchase and also SaaS. (PPL, OSL, 1UL)

Columbus Mobile Enterprise Enterprise mobile device and data management solution:

  • Management of smartphones and tablets
  • Data management and storage
  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Automatic configuration and security guidelines
  • Application distribution
  • Granular adjustable access controls
  • Multi-client capable

Available licensing models are for-purchase and also SaaS. (PPL, OSL, HSL)

Functional overview

Deploy ITM Enterprise
OS- und Software Deployment
Packaging Tools
Inventory Scanner 
Network Scanner 
Data Backup   
Disk Imaging     ✓
Patch Deployment    
Endpoint Security    
Licensing types    
PPL - Perpetual
OSL - OnPremise SaaS
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