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SAM: keeping costs and compliance under control

A desktop in the branch office, a server in the data centre, a smartphone or tablet belonging to field staff – each computer contains numerous software programs whose availability and functionality can be changed within minutes thanks to automated software distribution, virtualisation and the cloud.

Just a few years ago, software could often still be managed and counted by a simple inventory approach. Today the majority of software developers specify a complex set of usage terms. Guaranteeing legal conformity is left to the customer using the software, as this is the only practical way developers can affect compliance at scale. If usage does not conform to license requirements, massive costs and penalties may result from for non-compliance in the wake of a software developer audit.

But it isn't just improper licensing that threatens to impose risks and costs. Software requested by employees is often either used very rarely or not at all after just a few weeks. Moreover, after organizational changes in the wake of process improvements, sometimes clients find that simpler less costly versions of a piece of software may be sufficient for the emerging workflows and tasks. By identifying and redistributing unused software, converting licenses if possible, savings far in excess of 10% on software costs can be achieved in the vast majority of businesses.

Ideal for an SME, Mid-Tier or large company

Whether you're a large or small company, high, unbudgeted penalty fees jeopardise your business and are difficult to manage. For smaller companies in particular, this can quickly put real strain on the core foundations of the business. Thanks to its extensive flexibility and ability to scale, Spider SAM can be used successfully by companies of any size. It optimises software purchasing and usage to avoid penalties. Various suites are available for a range of requirements, and experienced consultants will help to accurately configure everything.

Innovation and expertise with strong partners

Spider SAM was developed in close cooperation with expert partners. While the Microsoft SAM Gold partnership demonstrates our commitment to pursue developer programmes and certifications, the certifications from KPMG and Oracle show the high quality of our products and data evaluations. A strong network of integration partners sell our solutions worldwide and expand our suites with innovative products and technologies. We are in a continuous process of innovation with renowned experts and industry organisations both at home and abroad.


Only continuous and competent comparison of the purchased user rights with actual software usage can enable accurate control of risks and ensure compliance is managed. Spider SAM features predefined, adjustable compliance rules, and provide an overview of the current environment at any time. Compliance is not only relevant in relation to third parties, but is also pertinent for security and internal use governance.


Linking operational inventory data with purchased licences in systems is complex and time-consuming. Spider Software Services automate interfaces, data transfer and data linking to the greatest extent possible, saving a considerable amount of work while also increasing the level of quality achieved.

Analyse usage – control costs

Software is only beneficial when it is used. So it is not just important to ask if a piece of software is used, but often also to ask which edition is necessary for the specific workflow requirements. Misapplied software not only incurs licensing costs, but also maintenance expenses from distribution, network and hardware requirements to user training and support. Therefore, having less software achieves savings in many respects.

Clearly structured – targeted information

Our SAM solution offers a powerful concept for mapping out complex organisation and network structures. The IT department receives all the necessary information on users and configurations. Management summaries and customisable reports answer questions and support informed decisions. A detailed system of roles and user rights ensures access for only authorised users.


The forms of licensing offered on the market are constantly changing, while the terms negotiated by purchasing organisations are increasingly varied. While Spider SAM comes equipped with numerous predefined standard metrics, it is also possible to adapt to variations and new requirements independently of our release cycles on the basis of the adjustable licence metrics procedures (LMP). It therefore offers built-in sustainability for the future.


The ability to customise the user interface, the role system, mass operations and the continuous increase in the availability of standard interfaces for data import and export for third-party products ensure highly flexible usage today and in the future.

Free WannaCry protection

With the latest updates from Spider and Columbus Inventory, WannaCry can be detected and the threat exposure can be assessed. Are you sure your systems are adequately protected from malware?

Read more about how easy it is to get the latest updates at no extra cost towards quick resolution.

Insight is only beneficial when used

Spider Software Asset Management collects purchasing, installation and usage data from numerous sources of information, and performs the necessary compliance analysis automatically.

Information on over-licensing and under-licensing allows it to analyse changes, as well as to facilitate planning for investments and savings. The optional collection of usage data enables savings to be made proactively by identifying unused software and cloud-based applications.

The data collected by software asset management also contains relevant information on hardware and system structure, and facilitates analyses and decisions on operations planning, consolidation and support. 


Our software asset management solutions are continuously adapted to professional and technical developments. In order to find the best possible solutions in this regard, regular events are held where brainwaregroup experts and customers discuss the requirements of the future: open communication and common objectives are the key to success.


The consultants at brainwaregroup and its certified partners boast extensive experience in the implementation of IT asset and licensing projects. They draw on best practices from numerous successfully implemented projects in which they produced economical solutions in accordance with customer specifications: from local mid-tier companies to international businesses spread over multiple locations.


Our broad hands-on depth of experience provides us with insights to identify economical and efficient solutions which tailored to client organisations – from evaluation all the way through to operation. We will support clients every step of the way throughout the implementation process. Our consultants will take on complex challenges in coordination with client teams until all objectives have been met.

For more information, see our white papers on IT Asset Management or Licence Management.

Spider Asset

Professional asset management for medium and large companies to deliver accurate control of all assets and comprehensive linking with business data.


Spider Licence

Compliance made easy with license status analysis based on installed software and actual usage, against legal license constraints and metrics of software manufacturers.


Columbus Inventory

Simple, comprehensive and efficient asset discovery with automated inventory scanning to provide baseline asset and license management information.

PDF Columbus Inventory

Spider Oracle Database Suite

Oracle certified SAM solution processes and evaluates Oracle asset information discovered by Columbus Inventory to identify Oracle license requirements and reveal license gaps. Oracle verified!

Spider Software Services

Standardized interfaces which match discovered software to manufacturer products and licenses, to import high-quality inventory data with minimum effort into asset management systems such as Columbus, vCenter, SCCM, LANDesk and many others.

Hardware and software

Suite of automated inventory components needed in instrumented or agentless applications, to capture virtualization relationships, details about running applications such as Oracle, and provide in depth asset detail for all computers in the datacenter. 

Satisfied customers who use our IT management solutions include the below. If you want to learn more, please contact our Sales team.

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Spider SAM Suite Software Asset Management System for professional license management

  • Predefined standard configuration
  • Asset, license and contract management for SAM
  • Manage computers and licenses
  • Most common license metrics
  • Basic cataloging and software identification
  • Customizable filters and reports
  • Granular adjustable access controls
  • Individual client usage
  • Highly scalable
  • Standard interfaces to Microsoft SCCM, Columbus, LANDesk, Heat and more

Available licensing models are for-purchase and also SaaS. (PPL, OSL, HSL)

Spider ITM Suite Management suite for professional IT asset, license and contract management

  • Predefined standard configuration
  • Full asset, license and contract management for all IT environments and devices
  • Manage computers and other IT equipment
  • Most common license metrics
  • Customizable filters, reports, and asset classes
  • Granular adjustable access controls
  • Individual client usage
  • Highly scalable
  • Standard interfaces to Microsoft SCCM, Columbus, LANDesk, Heat and more

Available licensing models are for-purchase and also SaaS. (PPL, OSL, HSL)

Spider Enterprise Suite Management suite for professional multi-organizational asset, license and contract management across IT and Business Units.

  • Predefined standard configuration
  • Full asset, license and contract management for all business units
  • Manage any asset, computers and contracts
  • Support of complex license metrics such as SAP, Oracle and others
  • Customizable filters, reports, asset classes and contract types
  • Granular adjustable access controls
  • Usage allowed across multiple organizations
  • Highly scalable
  • Standard interfaces to Microsoft SCCM, Columbus, LANDesk, Heat and more
  • Advanced interfaces to complex third party systems for managing Oracle, SAP and more

Available licensing models are for-purchase and also SaaS. (PPL, OSL, HSL)

Spider Software Services Software or item catalogs and recognition rules, including standardized interfaces to known inventory systems for importing hardware and software information into asset management and license management

  • Highly scalable software and hardware pattern recognition
  • Software Recognition Center Services for analyzing new software versions
  • Standard interfaces including: Microsoft SCCM, LanDesk, Heat Discovery, Columbus Inventory, Microsoft MAPS, Microsoft AD, Other interfaces as needed
  • Interfaces via plugins can be extended for complex third-party systems including: ADDM, Novaratio, iQuate, Other systems as needed
  • Merge information from different sources
  • Decentralized multi-site data collection and transport
  • Secure data transport (Encryption, Compression, Bandwidth Limitation)
  • Highly scalable

Available in 12-month subscription versions for all Spider SAM, ITM and Enterprise environments.

Oracle Database Services Oracle Certified Extension for Spider Software Services and Columbus Datacenter Inventory Suite to analyze and report the use of Oracle databases

  • Oracle certified data quality and reports
  • Based on data from the Columbus Datacenter Inventory Suite
  • Based on interfaces and processing of Spider Software Services
  • Licensing based on the number of Oracle instances

Available for purchase and SaaS licensing models. (PPL, OSL, 1UL)

Functional overview

SAM ITM Enterprise Contract
SAM assets for licence management      
IT asset management      
Asset management - all asset types      
Licence management    
Oracle Options       
IT contract management    
Certract management - all contract types      
Licence forms      
PPL - Perpetual
OSL - OnPremise SaaS
HSL - Hosting OffPremise SaaS
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