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Successful Microsoft Audit with Columbus Inventory

Using Columbus Inventory by brainwaregroup, allows Hausbank München eG to successfully pass a Microsoft audit. The entire technical audit, including rollout to more than 200 servers, was completed in just 3 days.

Comprehensive services provided to property management clients for investment and administration of rental deposits has made Hausbank München eG a unique specialist institution. In particular, Hausbank München eG’s development of software solutions for property managers and property owners is a technical core competence, and strongly differentiates it from the competition. Applications based on Hausbank München eG’s software are operated in its own data centers, and requires a much more comprehensive IT infrastructure than other cooperative banks typically supplied by IT service provider Fiducia & GAD IT AG.

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Thanks to the support of brainwaregroup and the use of Columbus Inventory, we have mastered Microsoft’s audit successfully.

Manuel Martin, Department Manager Software Management

Company description

Hausbank München eG Bank for House and Real Estate is a cooperative bank based in Munich with its core activity focused on the real estate sector. Hausbank München eG established itself into a specialist solution provider for the housing industry. Powerful, innovative and secure software products for the management of real estate and rental deposits are developed in-house and operated in its own computer center to provide customers with maximum comfort and operational safety.


Project data

Products used

  • Spider SAM Suite
  • Columbus Inventory/Datacenter Suite
  • Spider Software Services

Operational Scale

  • >560 Clients / >280 Server
  • >1000 Assets and Contracts
  • 220 Employees