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Service desk – expertise defines satisfaction

Whether it is to address IT problems, ordering or technical inquiries, the service desk is the central hub of a well-functioning business. The Spider service desk supports customers and members of staff equally when managing and processing all requests, thereby helping to ensure quick and competent task completion.


Unresolved questions hinder performance and satisfaction at work. A well-established service desk always maintains an overview of ongoing tasks, ensures response times and informs customers and users about the next steps to be taken. This avoids downtimes and boosts productivity and motivation in the long term.


Thanks to the intuitive web-based user interface, you can learn how to use it in no time. Clearly structured forms, dashboards and predefined reports allow you to maintain an overview at all task related times. The integration of detailed information removes the need for extensive clarifications in other additional tools. With the cloud-based infrastructure at, your customizable best-practice configuration is available in a matter of minutes.


No need to redesign your processes, as our service desk will adapt to your needs. Featuring various support groups, differentiated user rights, multi-client capabilities, e-mail templates, user import, individual workflows and integration with third-party systems, the Spider service desk offers high flexibility at low costs. An efficient service desk will result in savings throughout your entire business.


Which issues are handled quickly and which take time? Publishing a service level allows you to manage the expectations of customers and users. Different types of requests receive different priorities. Special performance reports and escalation levels enable performance monitoring and continuous improvement of your service. This makes it easier to execute improvements in customer and employee satisfaction.


Frequently occurring queries do not always have to result in a service desk request. Our self-service feature allows users to act autonomously. In the Spider KnowledgeBase you can publish articles which can be found by any web-capable device through a full-text search. This increases user satisfaction because users can find an answer more quickly. It also reduces the strain on the support team, which can then be extended to 24/7 coverage without the need for extra personnel.

Robust support – quick resolution

The Spider service desk links requests within an intelligent support framework. Telephone logs, a ticketing system, service-level monitoring and the KnowledgeBase give users and employees alike quick access to documented solutions for all requirements. Whether you are a large business or a mid-tier company, as the customer you can choose between a customizable purchased solution which is operated stand-alone or via a cloud portal available within minutes, all according to your specific needs. Begin your free trial today at

Our users didn't have to switch systems or learn a new system; rather, they were able to enter their tickets as they always had. The advantage for FHNW now is that these requests are recorded and documented centrally, so that they are also traceable.

Markus Künzli, Asst. Department Manager ICT FHNW

Integration in focus

Integration is the key to success and why our solution is easily adaptable to specific IT environments.

We support the import of active directory user data, offer interfaces via REST API and functionality is seamless when combined with Spider Asset/Licence and Columbus. The service desk can be contacted directly via these software management solutions, while information on the affected technical devices is included with the ticket.

Thanks to its consistent web-based architecture, the features of the service desk can be used by both PC workstations and mobile devices regardless of the operating system used. In the Windows environment, our solution features single-sign-on integration.

Our service desk solution can be used either in a stand-alone local installation on the customer's device or online on our portal

Our consultants are happy to help you if you have any special requirements for your particular environment.

Solution-oriented consulting from the initial evaluation up to implementation

Our consultants have extensive experience in the successful implementation of service desk projects, in which they can adapt our software to existing conditions according to customer requirements. We are happy to support you with every step, from establishing your requirements to implementing the solution. Once the solution has been introduced, our personalized support is on call for any issues that may arise.

We are continuously evolving ourselves and our solution

To ensure that we are prepared for all of your needs, our products undergo continuous development. Our experts maintain close contact with our customers. We learn from your ideas and requirements so that our products can fully overcome any future challenges for solutions.

Spider Incident is a current, professional service desk solution, which appeals through its simplicity and flexibility. It enables a direct, structured and automated solution to problems resulting in efficient support, satisfied employees and customers, and reduced costs.


Spider KnowledgeBase

Spider KnowledgeBase is a state-of-the-art knowledge base optimized for perfect interaction with Spider Incident. Standard solutions and frequently required information can be stored, linked together, and kept for future inquiries - the experience improves with every application.


Funktionenon PremiseCloud
Free (*)
FeaturePack **
Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor
HTML E-Mail Unterstützung
Tickets weiterleiten, gruppieren, aufteilen, zusammenfügen
Optionale Eingabefelder
Benachrichtigungsoptionen (Supportgruppen)
Service Levelsunlimitiert1030 (3)+2
Erweiterte Funktionen
Asset Integration
Termin- (✓)
Wiedervorlage- (✓)
Vorlagen bei Ticketerstellung-
Benachrichtigung von Ticket Änderungen via E-Mail-
Anzeige ähnlicher Kontakte- (✓)
Watchlist-- (✓)
Ticket Direktlösung-- (✓)
Prioritäts Monitor -- (✓)
Meine Tickets--
Indexierung von Datei-Anlagen --
Benutzerdefinierte Ticket Felder--
Benutzerdefinierte Kontakt Felder--
Erweiterte Berichte - (✓)
Excel Export - (✓)
Diagramme-- (✓)
Benachrichtigungsvorlagen änderbar-
Servicelevels anpassbar-
Max. Anzahl Tickets unlimitiert500/Monat200/Monat100/Monat+200/Monat
Anzahl Supportmitarbeiterunlimitiert84 2+4
E-Mail senden/empfangen über SSL/TLS--
Ticket Export
Kontakt Importer-
Ticket Import--
Ticket Zugehörigkeit--
REST API-- (✓)
AD Benutzerkontenmöglich--
Max. Anzahl Artikelunlimitiert20010050+100
Anzahl KB Mitarbeiterunlimitiert841+2
Speicherplatz für Artikel & Attachmentsunlimitiert500 MB200 MB100 MB+100 MB
Keine brainwaregroup Werbung
Speicherplatz für Tickets & Attachmentsunlimitiert12 GB2 GB365 MB+2 GB
Mailserver POP3 Postfach (ohne Backup)unlimitiert521
Mailserver POP3 Postfach Limiteunlimitiert200 MB100 MB50 MB
Corporate Cloud SSOmöglich--
Preis/Monatauf AnfrageCHF 199.-CHF 99.-GratisCHF 100.-


* erweiterte Funktionen für die ersten 90 Tage
** als Addon bei Enterprise Edition verfügbar


Spider Service Desk Suite Intuitive, SLA controlled ticketing and knowledgebase solution

  • Completely web-based
  • Multi-level ticket queues
  • Priority and SLA Monitor
  • Ready to use within minutes
  • Flexible reporting
  • Escalation mechanisms
  • Knowledgebase
  • Highly scalable
Available licensing models
  • PPL
  • OSL
  • HSL

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  • Case Study

    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

    The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) comprises nine main campuses and 60 branch campuses located throughout the cantons of Aargau, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land and Solothurn. All requests for support were previously settled in various ways and therefore in a less structured manner. As a result, tickets were lacking the important information that is indispensable for efficient problem solving. Furthermore, the necessary transparency was lacking, which in turn made it considerably more difficult for students to view the current status of their requests.


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