Requirements: OperationsManager 4.5.5, Common-1.0.511


This is a patch release and includes the following new functions and improvements:

  • Richtext editor enhancements
    • Improved support for Internet Explorer 11
    • Simplyfied image upload for all browsers
  • New columns for Excel export on the Query Ticket page
  • New Recovery Report "Tickets without assignment"
  • Several bug fixes

For a complete list of all new features see also Spider Incident 4.0.520.


Spider Incident 4.0.521 is bundled with OperationsManager 4.5.5.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.5.5 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.5.5 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Incident.

For a new installation first install the OperationsManager 4.0.0, then patch up to OperationsManager to 4.5.5.

Release Notes

Release Notes - Incident Management - Version 4.0.521


  • [INC-997] - ResponseTemplate configuration: ckeditor error when switching between tabs
  • [INC-1102] - Updated Notification Icons are lost after a Server restart
  • [INC-1105] - KB auto configuration in Cloud mode: Timing problem If KB module not yet provisioned, before accessing Incident for the first time
  • [INC-1120] - ViewTicket: It should not be possible to mark a ticket as awaiting customer response when the ticket is resolved.
  • [INC-1122] - ColumbusSync: IndexOutOfBound exception when syncing Columbus users
  • [INC-1125] - Unable to move Ticket to another wfm when creating a new contact an the other wfm during the move.
  • [INC-1126] - 'Show all tickets' not working for tickets per maildomain on ContactInfo page
  • [INC-1130] - Inline images may be lost when replying to a message with already included images.


  • [INC-1114] - Show better error message in KB configuration if license file does not have KB.
  • [INC-1116] - General Configuration page is slow if there are a lot of wfm
  • [INC-1128] - New "reactivate lost tickets" report for non-resolved tickets without an assigned PI

New Feature

  • [INC-1121] - Add additional columns to the query ticket excel export (start of work, resolvedate, eff. ticket age)

New And Noteworthy

Enhanced Richtext Editor

The Richtext Editor component has been updated. Escpecially the support for Internet Explorer 11 was improved.


Simplified image upload

The image upload has been simplyfied. Images can be inserted into the Richtext Editor by just copy & paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V) or drag&drop.

It is also possible to upload an image by just clicking the image button in the toolbar and selecting the file on the hard disk. The upload starts automatically in the background.

New columns for Excel export on the Query Ticket page

The excel export has been enhanced by adding the following columns:

  • start of work (date)
  • resolve date
  • eff. ticket age
  • abs. ticket age

New Recovery Report "Tickets without assignment"

A new Recovery Report has been created. The report lists all "Tickets without assignment". This helps to manually fix any Tickets that have been listed on the Configuration page when calling the "Reactivate lost Tickets" Recovery function.

Knowledge Base

Component for updating role membership

A new component for updating role membership (Editor, Viewer, Manager) was added to the Configuration - General page. It is not required anymore to update role members via Admin Client.